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21. October 2022

REMONDIS has largely discontinued business activities in Russia

REMONDIS has already withdrawn almost completely from Russia over the last few months

For example, the company has already completely closed down all activities in the cities of Dzerzhinsk, Bryansk, Naro-Fominsk, Nizhnij Novgorod, Moscow, Arzamas and most recently in Ufa in June 2022. REMONDIS has therefore already terminated more than 98 percent of its activities in Russia. No further M&A acquisitions or investments are planned.

Yale University in the USA keeps a publicly accessible list of how global companies handle their business in Russia. Until recently, REMONDIS was listed as “still operating in Russia” (Grade F). After Yale University was informed and asked to correct this, REMONDIS has already been downgraded to “Grade D” (i.e. largely disinvested, no further investments planned).

From the company’s point of view, however, REMONDIS should already be listed in Grade C, “Scaling Back”, according to the above facts. Therefore, the Yale University list does not adequately reflect REMONDIS’ activities in Russia at present.

Today, REMONDIS only has one branch in Saransk, the capital of the partially independent Republic of Mordovia, which demonstrates the international commitment of our company: In view of the responsibility we have taken on for our employees and their families as well as in the interests of sustainability and climate protection, we continue to carry out our services in the Republic of Mordovia. Likewise, we are bound by contracts with our customers and clients here that cannot be cancelled at such short notice. However, we reserve the right to continuously monitor and evaluate the situation.

REMONDIS is still committed to supporting a peaceful solution to the conflict and to achieving a long-term transformation of the recycling sector.

In Germany, REMONDIS has been supporting the expansion of a much more import-independent energy supply for many years now. By building and operating biogas plants and generating electricity from the thermal recycling of residual waste that can no longer be recycled, the company is making a contribution to a more import-independent and at the same time climate-neutral energy supply.


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