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23. September 2022

REMEX expands metal processing in the Netherlands

In July 2022, the Dutch REMEX subsidiary HEROS Sluiskil B.V. took over Dolphin Metal Separation B.V. The core business activity of Dolphin is the treatment of coarse non-ferrous metal concentrates from incinerator bottom ash processing using advanced sink float techniques.

Dolphin is situated on a 20,000 m² area in Harderwijk, 65 km east of Amsterdam. As part of the metal treatment process, the raw mix is cleansed of mineral impurities and separated into light and heavy metals. The incoming material stems mainly from European waste processing plants; the purified metal is sold on the international market.

The new owner HEROS operates one of the largest incinerator bottom ash processing plants in Europe, producing secondary aggregates for the construction sector and recovering metals during the process. The iron scrap is then sold to steel manufacturers. Since 2017, the fine non-ferrous metals are treated inhouse in the refinery plant in Sluiskil and the coarse fraction was sold to sink float companies for further treatment.

According to Paul Dijkman, HEROS Board Member and Managing Director of Dolphin, the acquisition now closes the loop. “Combining the expertise of Dolphin and HEROS, we can now make use of a completely integrated value chain for all metal fractions, covering all steps from recovery and cleaning up to the direct delivery to smelting companies.”

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