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25. January 2018

REMONDIS expands its activities in Denmark

REMONDIS establishes a “partnership for the future” with M. Larsen, a market leader in the area of environmental services in Denmark

REMONDIS has entered a partnership with M. Larsen Vognmandsfirma A/S, taking ownership of a majority of the company’s shares. REMONDIS already has a broad network of locations in the fields of water management, recycling and industrial services in Northern Europe. With its versatile portfolio of activities worldwide, REMONDIS considers itself to be a good partner for the future development of M. Larsen.

M. Larsen is one of the leading environmental services companies in Denmark. It was founded in 1947 as a family-owned business in the field of logistics and is headquartered in Copenhagen (Bröndby). M. Larsen operates several locations on the islands of Zealand, Lolland and Falster, as well as on the Jutland peninsula. The company’s owner Claus Barslund had been looking for a strong partner for the future strategic development of his company that accounts for broad international experience in the field of environmental services. The management team and Mr. Barslund will remain part of the company to ensure continuity and participate in the further development of M. Larsen’s activities going forward.

REMONDIS’ participation in M. Larsen offers an opportunity for our company to further establish itself in a country that is both economically strong and has very high standards in the area of environmental services. REMONDIS aims to develop and deploy new technological solutions in the areas of water sanitation and distribution, recycling, the production of important commodities, and the provision of services to the industry. In cooperation with M. Larsen, REMONDIS also wants to establish new strategic cooperations in the area of environmental services such as, amongst others, Public Private Partnerships (B2G) and business partnerships (B2B/ B2C). With our partner M. Larsen, we want to foster environmental cooperation in order to provide for the best possible services to the citizens of Denmark.

The new partnership with M. Larsen will enable REMONDIS to grow its market presence in Denmark, and to achieve its objective of developing a truly sustainable circular economy across Northern Europe. For the co-shareholder Claus Barslund, it is particularly important that M. Larsen continues to pursue its activities as a family-owned company. Due to the increasing size and geographic expansion of M. Larsen’s activities, he sees REMONDIS as the right partner to meet the challenges and effectively develop new business opportunities in the area of environmental services.

Upon signing the partnership agreement, Hendrik Vonnegut, Managing Director of REMONDIS, emphasized the importance of Denmark for the development of our company’s activities in Northern Europe. The notions and principles of M. Larsen in the field of environmental services are already very similar to those of REMONDIS at the present time. “With this new partnership, we want to continue providing for excellent services to the many clients of M. Larsen in Denmark, and where possible, provide additional features from our versatile environmental services portfolio. As a company, we seek to expand and diversify our activities in the areas of water management, recycling and industry services and to thereby contribute to the further development of the already advanced level of the circular economy in Denmark with our broad international experience.”

The completion of the above mentioned transaction is subject to the approval of relevant regulatory authorities.

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