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10. September 2019

REMONDIS Maintenance & Services acquires the Dutch firm Reym B.V.

Acquisition bolsters Benelux market presence and rounds off an already extensive portfolio of industrial services

REMONDIS Maintenance & Services has acquired the Dutch firm, Reym B.V. A purchase agreement was signed between the parties on 09.09.2019. The company has purchased all shares in the business with retroactive effect from 01 April 2019. The transaction will be subject to approval by the anti-trust authorities.

This acquisition provides REMONDIS Maintenance & Services with a great opportunity to extend and further round off its own comprehensive range of industrial services. Moreover, by taking over Reym, it will be able to further broaden its regional network in the Netherlands. The future collaboration work between Reym and the BUCHEN Group, a business also owned by REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, is expected to create synergies between the two firms. BUCHEN is one of the leading industrial service providers in Europe, delivering a wide range of specialist services for cleaning and maintaining industrial facilities and plant parts.

Reym B.V., which is based in Amersfoort, specialises in industrial cleaning work and is one of the biggest providers on the Dutch market. It is particularly well known for the industrial and environmental services that it delivers – both onshore and offshore – to the oil and gas industry. In addition to performing industrial cleaning work, Reym handles all waste management tasks, from storing the different material streams all the way through to treating and recycling them. Reym also serves customers working in heavy industry, petrochemicals and food production. The firm has a large number of branches across three Dutch regions and a workforce of over 700 employees. It generated a turnover of 129 million euros during the last business year.

Reym had previously been part of the hazardous waste division owned by Renewi plc, a leading European waste-to-product company. At the end of 2018, Renewi decided to sell Reym so that it could focus on its core business in the Benelux countries.

Thomas Breitkopf, the board member of REMONDIS SE & Co. KG responsible for this division, commented: “Being a wellestablished and highly experienced service provider, Reym is a perfect match for our portfolio. Combining the complementary strengths of the two companies will provide an ideal basis for intensifying their Dutch industrial service business and enable both firms to offer their customers additional services.

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