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30. May 2023

REMONDIS shows stable growth

While the global economy was struggling with multiple crises in 2022, including the effects of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the consequences of climate change, REMONDIS, one of the world’s leading recycling companies, was able to continue its stable growth. With 41,000 employees in more than 30 countries, the company achieved a total turnover of 12.6 billion euros. Compared to the previous year, turnover was increased by 1.1 billion euros.

The entire RETHMANN Group generated a total of 24.7 billion euros in 2022 with 90,000 employees – compared to 21.8 billion euros in the previous year.

REMONDIS is therefore confirming a trend which the German “Institut für Mittelstandsforschung” (Institute for Research into Small and Medium-Sized Businesses) had highlighted at the beginning of 2023 and which had been the subject of several publications (Die NEWS, Manager Magazin, etc.). Owner-managed companies are largely growing against the trend and create new jobs even in times of crisis. This was clearly shown in a comparison of the 500 largest German family businesses with the German share index (Dax) in the period 2011 to 2020. While the 26 non-family-controlled groups in the Dax 30 reduced employment in the first Corona year, the 500 largest German family businesses continued to hire.

This development once again emphasizes the importance of medium-sized family businesses for the German economy. They form the backbone of a functioning and healthy economy. With its business fields of recycling, municipal and industrial services, water management and local public transport (partly via Transdev), REMONDIS is, moreover, active in branches which have been committed to the megatrend of climate protection and the conservation of resources long before the EU’s Green Deal was announced. It is therefore to be expected that the moderate growth trend will continue in the future.

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