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24. June 2022

Starting in July: household recycling centres in Coesfeld district go cashless

At the joint working group meeting last October, the municipalities in the district of Coesfeld, Germany, agreed to REMONDIS’ wish that, in the future, payments at the household recycling centres in the district of Coesfeld should be made exclusively by EC or credit card. A transitional period was agreed until 30 June 2022. In the meantime, all recycling centres operated by REMONDIS in the district of Coesfeld have been equipped with a corresponding device. REMONDIS would like to take this opportunity to inform its citizens that it will no longer be possible to accept cash at REMONDIS’ recycling centres in the district of Coesfeld after 30 June 2022. This specifically affects the household recycling centres in Coesfeld, including Billerbeck and Rosendahl, and in Havixbeck, Nottuln, Senden, Lüdinghausen, Olfen, Nordkirchen and Dülmen.

The recycling company is thus taking account of the demand for digitalisation and wants to dispense with the effort and administration involved in collecting cash. In addition, there have been repeated break-ins in the office containers of the recycling centres in the past. With the conversion to purely digital payment, the company is therefore taking additional measures to prevent these incidents. They were always unsuccessful anyway because no cash was kept there.

At the recycling centres of the district of Coesfeld, fee-based waste is accepted in addition to the classic household waste fractions. In addition to mixed construction waste and rubble, these also include the fractions construction timber and contaminated wood. The prices for accepting such waste can be found on the respective local authority’s website.

REMONDIS also informs you that toner cartridges and ink cartridges can now also be accepted free of charge at the recycling centres in the district of Coesfeld.

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