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22. November 2022

Theissen: New building in Rhede officially opened

More space for growth: recycling is also becoming more and more important in the western Münsterland region

It is just one year since members of the Theissen family and REMONDIS broke ground for a new social and administration building on the company grounds of Heinrich Theissen Entsorgung und Verwertung GmbH in Rhede, Germany. The new building has now been completed. It was officially opened on 18 November in the presence of Mayor Jürgen Bernsmann, Theissen Managing Director Anja Fendrich and REMONDIS Managing Directors Julia Hadrossek and Thorsten Feldt.

As a result, the recycling company now has enough space for more growth in the future. Recycling is also becoming more and more important in the western Münsterland region as recovering climate-friendly recycling raw materials from waste is considered to be one of the keys to combating climate change. At the same time, the use of recycled raw materials reduces the procurement pressure for domestic industry. The price increase of raw materials and energy as a result of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is becoming a problem that threatens the existence of some companies. Recycling contributes to a stable and affordable supply of raw materials.

The traditional family business Theissen, which joined forces with another large family business in the sector, REMONDIS from Lünen, around 30 years ago, has been able to grow continuously over the past few years. The impressive new building is a visible sign of this and points the way to the future.

Anja Fendrich, Managing Partner of Theissen, thanked everyone involved and, above all, the team of architects and the builders: “Our beautiful new building has been completed as planned and I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone involved. We now have room for further growth and are pleased to have made the site fit for the future.”

Thorsten Feldt, Managing Director of REMONDIS Region West, believes the new building sends out an important signal: “With the new building at Theissen, we are not only strengthening the location in the western Münsterland region, we are also sending out a clear signal for an even more sustainable economy in the region.”

Mayor Jürgen Bernsmann also emphasised the importance of the traditional company Theissen for his town and the region and wished all those involved every success for the future.

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