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27. February 2024

Education for the future of logistics

simpleclub and REMONDIS launch digital training initiative

simpleclub and REMONDIS have joined forces to launch a digital training initiative. By using the latest technologies and innovative learning methods, the qualification of professional drivers will be modernised and a decisive contribution made to solving the shortage of personnel in the logistics sector.

Current figures show just how bad the situation is for logistics on the roads: according to the Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL) e.V., there is already a shortage of 80,000 professional drivers this year. At the same time, freight volumes on the road are increasing. The main reasons for the staff shortage are demographic change and the lack of applicants.

Employee loyalty and training in response to the shortage of skilled labour

“The shortage of skilled labour is concerning the logistics sector particularly hard. We have realised this: There are simply too few applicants. Instead of launching the next recruitment initiative, we are investing in strengthening, retaining and training our existing talent. Because we have realised that this is the key to long-term success. In simpleclub, we have found an ideal partner who, as a pioneer of digital training solutions, is tackling this issue with us,” commented Frank Dohmen, head of personnel department at REMONDIS Group.

The time to act is now

The need to turn the tide in logistics is also demonstrated by the warnings from associations: Without swift action, the safeguarding of basic supplies could be jeopardised. Alexander Giesecke, founder and managing director of simpleclub, says: “Calling on politicians to solve the problem is not enough. We have to offer solutions from within the economy ourselves.” Nico Schork, founder and managing director of simpleclub, added: “We are delighted to be able to present such a solution together with REMONDIS and to be able to expand our range of job opportunities. Contrary to the widespread assumption that drivers can be replaced by AI, we see a huge increase in the importance of this field.”

Details of the cooperation

The “Digital training for professional drivers” project was initiated by REMONDIS’ Rhineland region. It is particularly noteworthy that all of the REMONDIS Group’s regions are now actively involved in this initiative. RECADEMY, the central training and further education centre, has supported the implementation of the entire project. The contents of simpleclub are a compulsory part of the professional driver apprenticeship programme. Tablets are available for the apprentices to use.

Since its launch, the digital learning platform has been gradually rolled out to REMONDIS’ 300 professional driver apprentices. By winter 2024, the entire framework curriculum for the three-year professional driver apprenticeship should be available via simpleclub. Trainees will be able to access content in the form of texts, videos, interactive animations and exercises. The content will be created by experts at simpleclub using the highest didactic standards and will also be tested in cooperation with REMONDIS.

“Staff shortages and high levels of illness at vocational schools increase the burden on trainers and lead to numerous unused free periods. Trainees suffer from significant learning gaps and uncertainty about their progress. simpleclub takes the pressure off in my work and helps me to support my trainees with targeted learning plans. A win-win for trainees and trainers.”

Edgar Koop, Head of Apprenticeships at REMONDIS Rhineland

Expansion of cooperation agreed

Following the successful start to the project, REMONDIS has already extended the collaboration to include all of the apprenticeships available via the digital learning platform. This includes numerous commercial and industrial/technical professions such as industrial clerks, electronics technicians, mechatronics technicians and office management clerks. As a result, up to 1,100 of the 1,400 apprentices at REMONDIS could potentially benefit from simpleclub.

Demographic change and shortage of trainees intensify staff shortage

One in three professional drivers is over 55 years old and only three percent are under 25 years old (Federal Statistical Office, 2022). Many professional drivers belong to the boomer generation and will soon be retiring. There will be 30,000 every year (BGL). Only 17,000 new entrants will follow each year. Even today, some customer enquiries cannot be met.

The partnership is an example of how the established logistics industry and innovative educational technologies can contribute to overcoming social challenges. The digitalisation of this training job provides a rapid response to the logistics crisis.

Image credits: image 1: Shutterstock: Yellow duck; image 2: © REMONDIS / simpleclub


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