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14. July 2019

Keeping Rotterdam clean

REMONDIS Niederlande acquires Rijnmond Milieu in Oud-Beijerland

Specialists for a whole range of recyclables

REMONDIS Niederlande has taken over its industry partner Rijnmond Milieu B.V. in Oud-Beijerland with retroactive effect from 01 January 2019, with a special signing ceremony being held to mark the occasion. Rijnmond Milieu specialises in collecting industrial waste, paper and other material streams from across the whole of the Zuid-Holland Province. Its long-standing focus on this region and its smart investments in highly motivated employees, state-of-the-art technology and sustainable customer relationships have meant that Rijnmond Milieu has always been able to collect waste and raw materials from its customers and remain competitive – and steer its business in the right direction. This direction is recycling.

Business is to be further expanded

With Rijnmond Milieu being a waste management specialist for both SMEs and large firms, its customers benefit from its high levels of flexibility, transparency and reliability. The company has a well-established team of employees that have been delivering waste management services for over ten years now. It has found a partner in REMONDIS that not only has extensive knowledge of the sector but also wishes to further grow the business.

Thanks to this acquisition, REMONDIS Niederlande has further expanded its already very extensive recycling portfolio.

Pim Verhage, founder and director of Rijnmond Milieu, explained that it was a very deliberate decision to go with REMONDIS. “REMONDIS is a family-run business and showed great respect for what our company has achieved so far as well as for the people working here. Now that we have an even wider range of services, we will be able to serve our current and future customers even better and underline our desire to further innovate and develop the business.”

Investments in future-proof environmental technology

The new manager at Rijnmond Milieu is Pieter-Balth Linders, who has worked at REMONDIS as regional director responsible for the south west of the Netherlands and MHW since 2018. With over 25 years of industry experience, he – and the team already working at Rijnmond Milieu – will strengthen REMONDIS’ presence in the region. Dr Andreas Krawczik, managing director of REMONDIS Niederlande, is also really pleased with the acquisition: “This takeover of Rijnmond Milieu fits in perfectly with our goal, namely to operate a network of effective business locations that can offer the Dutch private and public sectors as wide a range of recycling services as possible. We will further strengthen the branches in the region with qualified employees and sustainable environmental technology to better serve the business’ customers. Indeed, Rijnmond Milieu’s customer base is already perfect for our activities in the region. What’s more, the employees and resources suit each other really well so that we can guarantee there will continue to be work for everyone. We are all winners here.”

Image credit: image 1: Adobe Stock: danmorgan12


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