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14. July 2019

Art straight out of a bin

WBL holds school competition to promote environmental protection

Giving the kids’ creativity free rein

Wirtschaftsbetriebe Lünen or WBL held its first ever art competition for Year 3 pupils attending primary schools in Lünen. The motto of the competition was “Our dream playground” – a motto that enabled the children to be as creative as they wished. There was, however, one condition: their artwork had to be made out of the contents of their paper and recycling bins.

Comprehensive teaching material

There was more to this competition than simply having fun: “Besides promoting an interest in art, we also wanted to teach the kids about the environment. It is so important nowadays to make young children more aware about subjects such as conserving our planet’s natural resources and recycling,” explained Stefan Jonic, managing director of WBL. All the classes had been provided with the ‘RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS’ teaching material beforehand to prepare the children for their task. This collection of worksheets, teacher’s book and parents’ letter was put together by REMONDIS and experienced teaching specialists and is a fun way for pupils to learn about how to separate recyclables correctly.

A prize for the best artwork

By the end of the competition, therefore, the children had not only made some impressive sculptures – as great examples of recycling – they had also learned a lot about the environment and the climate. “The kids really got into the competition and loved coming up with ideas about what they could do with the waste.” commented Helene Berkenheger, class teacher (3c) at the ‘am Lüserbach’ primary school.

The RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS act as a magnet for all children. Info about the educational theatre shows, teaching materials and teaching materials and events can be found at

The works of art were judged by a jury of experts made up of Peter Freudenthal, Förderverein für Kunst und Kultur Lünen e.V. [arts association], Horst Müller-Baß, Lünen town councillor, Marie Hirschberg, an art expert from Lünen, Friedhelm Susok, the RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS presenter, and Carina Hölscher, PR & marketing officer at REMONDIS. All of the participants were then invited to attend a special ceremony held in the Hansesaal [Hansa Hall] in Lünen on 01 July. Jürgen Kleine-Frauns, mayor of Lünen and patron of the competition, praised the contest before presenting a €1,000 cheque and a voucher for a RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS theatre show to the lucky winners: class 3a of the Kardinal-von-Galen-Schule and their teacher Nicola Rother for their “haunted playground”.

Left: The RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS entertained the approx. 300 children taking part in the competition with their educational theatre show
Right: Friedhelm Susok, RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS, Jürgen Kleine-Frauns, Mayor of Lünen and patron of the competition, Carina Hölscher, RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS Project Manager, and Stefan Jonic, Managing Director of WBL, at the awards ceremony in Lünen’s Hansesaal

No-one came away empty-handed

No one went home empty handed though. All of the children were given a present to remind them of the competition and all they had learned. “I’m sure that they will separate their recyclables better now – both at home and in their schools – as they have learned just how important it is to recycle and tackle the problem of climate change,” Stefan Jonic said summing up the event.

Above: The winning work of art: the haunted playground created by class 3a (Kardinal-von-Galen-Schule)
Below: The jury (from left to right): Peter Freudenthal, Förderverein Kunst & Kultur [arts association], Friedhelm Susok, RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS, Carina Hölscher, REMONDIS, Marie Hirschberg, Horst Müller-Baß, Lünen Town Councillor, appraising the works of art


You’re never too young to learn. Which is why REMONDIS has developed its RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS educational project specifically for kindergartens and schools to make children and teenagers more aware about the need to conserve our planet’s natural resources. The goal behind this project is to make it clear that waste is not really waste but a mixture of valuable raw materials which can be recycled. And that everyone can help to recover these valuable materials so they can be reused, simply by separating their waste correctly in their homes. This educational project includes a range of age-related teaching materials for schools and kindergartens, a free educational theatre show as well as the ‘RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS on Tour’ event.

Image credits: © REMONDIS


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