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15. December 2020

REMEX celebrates a milestone anniversary

Sustainable growth and a strong brand

Company history stretches back 40 years

Reputation is not just of value in people’s personal lives. It is important for firms to make a good name for themselves as well – as a badge of recognition, a factor for success and as a guarantee for the promise of quality linked to this. The brand does not necessarily have to be as old as the company. REMEX, for example, has been celebrating the 30th anniversary of its brand; the company itself, however, was founded around 40 years ago.

Over 60 business locations

REMEX is firmly established on the recycling market as a specialist for professionally managing construction and industrial mineral waste. With over 60 business locations at home and abroad and more than 800 employees, the company has a portfolio that covers all areas of mineral waste management – from processing the materials in its own facilities, to recycling, to disposal. Its primary goal is always to recover resources in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

“Together with the other milestones we have enjoyed over the last decades, this anniversary of our brand is a further landmark in our company’s lively history.”

Michael Stoll, Managing Director of REMEX GmbH

A success right from the start

The company’s business activities began in Düsseldorf in 1981 as B+R Baustoff-Handel und Recycling GmbH. The REMEX name was officially registered as the business’s brand name nine years later. The company was a success right from the very start. Over the years, REMEX has added numerous related fields of business to its portfolio and gradually expanded geographically – both in Germany as well as into international markets. This ongoing growth is also reflected in REMEX’s brands. Nowadays, it includes further well-respected brands, such as remexit (quality assured recycled aggregate), granova (quality-controlled secondary aggregate from incineration bottom ash) and MERIT (a technology to recover metals). All of these names are well known both in Europe and overseas, just like the company itself.

An extended range of services

With REMEX’s international activities continuing to steadily increase, it decided to change its company name, which had, up to then, had a more national feel about it: since 15 October, REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH has been run under the name REMEX GmbH. Dropping the German word, “Mineralstoff”, not only reflects its growing internationality but also its wider range of services.


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