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15. March 2021

REMEX helps to regenerate the Saar region

REMEX is helping RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH to repurpose the Maybach spoil heap. A project that is "working for the future"

The colliery spoil heap has been unused for 8 years

The Maybach colliery spoil heap is located in Friedrichsthal, in the very heart of the Saarland’s old mining region. For decades, any coal-free wall rock that was removed from the nearby Ensdorf and Maybach mines was deposited in this area. Eight years ago, however, the spoil heap became obsolete when the last mine in the Saar region closed down. Unused since then, there are now plans to repurpose the site – with REMEX’s help.

The goal: to recultivate the terrain

As with all former coal-mining sites in Germany, the Maybach spoil heap is supervised by the mining authorities. If this 12-hectare area is to be redeveloped and used for a different purpose, then the spoil heap must first be officially released by the mining authorities. This step, in turn, requires comprehensive measures to be undertaken regarding the final design and recultivation of the terrain – a project that was successfully started at the beginning of last year.

“We are really pleased to be able to give RAG the long-term support it needs to breathe new life into a former coal-mining site in the Saar region.”

Marcus Rautenberg, Managing Director REMEX SüdWest GmbH

1.8 million tonnes of material are needed

RAG is in overall charge of this undertaking and it has commissioned its real estate subsidiary RAG Montan Immobilien to manage this complex project. One of the first steps involves the delivery of around 1.8 million tonnes of mixed earth and minerals. This is an enormous volume and it is essential that there is a reliable supply of this material. Two strong partners have joined forces to make sure this happens: REMEX SüdWest GmbH from Karlsruhe and Homburger Alois OMLOR GmbH. These two firms are a great team as they have been working together in the region for many years now. Operating in the areas of material flow management and transport logistics for residual minerals, the companies handle several million tonnes of bulk materials every single year. A huge advantage, as far as RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH is concerned, as the supply and delivery of this earth is an essential prerequisite for preparing the land in accordance with the ‘BBergG’ [German Federal Mining Act] and, therefore, an integral part of the plan that must be drawn up to enable the site to be released from the supervision of the mining authorities.

Contributing towards the regeneration of the region

Everyone’s goal behind the repurposing of the Maybach spoil heap is to contribute towards the regeneration of the region. The foundations for this are being laid with the delivery of the mixed earth and minerals – a task that can take up to ten years. Beyond this, future plans for the site include a trading estate as well as a recreational area. What is important here is to find an attractive solution that suits the local region and not only creates economic benefits but – and above all – environmental ones as well.

Image credits: image 1: © REMONDIS, image 2: © REMEX


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