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23. December 2021

Well positioned for even more sustainability

New location lays the foundation for expanded services and future-oriented growth in Luxembourg

REMONDIS has also been present in Luxembourg for almost ten years. This autumn, the national company REMONDIS Luxembourg S.à.r.l. moved into a larger location in the south-west of the country. By doing so, it created the ideal conditions for the future expansion of its range of services which have been adapted exactly to the conditions in Luxembourg.

Until now, REMONDIS was located in Hamm, a suburb of the capital. On 23 September, after more than a year of construction work, the long-planned site in Foetz was inaugurated. The new site is located in one of Luxembourg’s largest industrial estates between the municipalities of Mondercange and Schifflange. With a size of around 22,000 square metres and very good transport links, the site offers perfect conditions for expanding services in the interests of protecting the climate and conserving resources. REMONDIS can now accept and process many more types of waste at Foetz than before. In the recyclables area, there are facilities for treating, separating, shredding and compacting waste.

Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Norbert Rethmann, congratulated the company on its new location

The opening of the site has come at just the right time as Luxembourg is pursuing a strict sustainability course: the aim is to make the country a pioneer in the circular-flow economy.1 Since July 2020, a comprehensive reform package has been being worked on to achieve this, which includes five legal texts and three regulations.1 The reform is seen as a continuation of the long-term development towards a modern resource economy and is a further step towards the targeted realisation of the zero waste strategy “Null Offall Lëtzebuerg”. With its wide range of services for customers from the private, municipal, commercial and industrial sectors, REMONDIS Luxembourg can effectively support the realisation of these ambitious plans.

A number of guests were welcomed to the inauguration of the new location in Foetz

Luxembourg wants to take new initiatives to meet the European goals with regard to climate and resource protection.

Professional services for recycling and waste disposal

As a partner to industry and commerce, REMONDIS Luxembourg brings materials of all kinds and origins back into the production cycle as raw materials. The company’s particular strengths are its sector-oriented solutions and its comprehensive service packages, which range all the way to complete plant waste management. Hazardous waste is also recycled wherever possible. If this is not feasible due to the material’s properties, REMONDIS Luxembourg ensures that it is used to generate energy or disposed of safely and reliably. In the industrial waste segment, REMONDIS’ subsidiary is one of the leading providers in the Grand Duchy. This is due to the wide range of competences and services available in the country as well as the complementary possibilities offered by its integration into the REMONDIS Group. It provides its Luxembourg customers with access to the entire network of the company group’s facilities, an aspect which is particularly important when it comes to the German recycling plants.

REMONDIS Luxembourg is a partner of the SuperDrecksKëscht® competence centre initiated by the Ministry of the Environment and of the Mouvement de la Qualité et de l’Excellence network.

Portfolio follows country-specific conditions

In addition to recycling and the disposal of hazardous waste, REMONDIS Luxembourg offers numerous services that are precisely tailored to the country’s specific needs. These include, for example, soil remediation – a service that is of great importance in Luxembourg, which has a small surface area. But also document destruction, a service which addresses the interests of the financial sector, which is important in Luxembourg, and the very large administrative sector.

REMONDIS Luxembourg aims to be able to accept all types of waste in the future. In addition to consistent recycling, additional safe disposal routes are to be created for non-recyclable materials. The national company continues to use its close network of REMONDIS locations in the neighbouring countries of Belgium, France and Germany as a particular success factor. This is a trump card that makes a significant contribution to being able to offer Luxembourg customers the best solution in every area.

Dirk Knäpper, managing director of REMONDIS Luxembourg, spoke to the numerous guests at the inauguration ceremony

In autumn 2021, the time had come: REMONDIS Industrie Service’s new location in Luxembourg opened its doors for the first time. Find out more in this video.

1 Ministerium für Umwelt, Klima und nachhaltige Entwicklung, Luxemburg zum Vorreiter in der Kreislaufwirtschaft machen – Stellungnahme des Umweltministeriums zur aktuellen Diskussion über die Abfallreform, 19.05.2021

Image credits: image 1-4: © REMONDIS


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