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10. February 2019

Greater sustainability for Melbourne

REMONDIS further diversifies its already extensive portfolio in Australia

Growth in recycling capacities

REMONDIS continues to grow its business in Australia and now has the capacity to process liquid and solid industrial residue in a number of towns including Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria. In January, REMONDIS acquired the Melbourne-based businesses, Eastern Liquid Services (ELS) and Organic Environmental Solutions (OES). Thanks to these takeovers, REMONDIS is not only able to operate in this field in the second-largest city on the Australian continent, it also now has all of the infrastructure needed to process liquid and solid materials from commercial, industrial and retail firms.

Collection of a wide range of residual materials

REMONDIS Service offers its customers a range of services including cleaning, maintaining and servicing wastewater treatment facilities, oil and petrol separators, grease traps, water separators at car washes as well as many other types of plants and facilities. The company’s first step is to collect the residue from its many different customers, who range from car businesses and garages, to restaurants and catering businesses, all the way through to wastewater pipe operators. This is then treated and recycled in the liquid residue processing plant that OES commissioned in 2019. “We are expecting the demand for our services to increase in Melbourne – especially when it comes to servicing grease traps – as the city has such a high density of cafes and restaurants and its population is steadily growing year on year,” commented Björn Becker, chief sales officer at REMONDIS, taking a look ahead at this customer and growth-oriented line of business.

”We look forward to further extending our business operations so that we are well prepared for the upcoming growth in the city’s population.”

Dean Dowie, Operations Manager at REMONDIS

Cutting edge technology

Using state-of-the-art technology, this facility is able to handle around 4 million litres of liquid materials every month including old oil, wastewater from grease traps, industrial wastewater, bore slurry and rainwater from sewers. This acquisition has not only given REMONDIS access to this treatment facility but also to the company’s extensive fleet. Operations manager, Dean Dowie, is also expecting business to grow in this popular coastal city: “We look forward to further extending our business operations so that we are well prepared for the upcoming growth in the city’s population.”

Image credits: image 1: Shutterstock: Taras Vyshnya


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