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14. December 2019

Redooo goes Down Under

Redooo, a digital B2C and B2B platform providing access to fast and efficient recycling services, is now available to private individuals and companies in Australia as well

Quick access to recycling services

The Redooo platform has been online in Australia since October – initially in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, and now throughout the country. While the recycling sector may be one of the more down-to-earth industries, one that is perhaps not crying out for a technical revolution, this does not mean that it has ignored the benefits of digital processes.

Services in real time

The goal here is to provide a quick and simple way for both commercial and private customers to get in touch with companies providing recycling services. The number of online customers should steadily grow and there is practically no limit to the range of products and services that can be offered. What’s more, everything operates in real time – even the quote sent to the customers. Redooo helps companies and private individuals to find the most suitable certified provider for the recycling service they are looking for.

This online tool provides the support needed to process the orders digitally, whether it involves recycling construction waste or other types of waste material or ordering bins or skips and arranging for them to be collected. The product range has also been expanded to include other services: besides being able to put in single orders for skips (available for eleven different types of waste materials), customers in Australia can also book products or services online that should be provided regularly on a long-term basis, such as supplying bins and containers or cleaning fat separators and septic tanks. The service or product is then delivered at the time requested by the customer and payment is also made online.

A rating tool has also been included

Throughout the process, therefore, focus is put on the needs and wishes of the customer. With a network of over 1,500 service providers in Australia, Redooo is able to identify the best partner for the service needed – based on reliability, price and proximity to the customer. A special tool has also been developed to enable customers to rate the quality of the service they received. “The first month has gone well. We had 1,659 visitors and around 2,000 page views. That’s not bad considering the fact that there are 16 other competitors out there offering similar digital platforms and online shops,” commented Daniel Natrup, the project manager in charge of Redooo Australia. Besides being available via standard browsers, the Australian Redooo platform can also be accessed using an app that has been developed for iOS devices.

Redooo helps companies and private individuals to find the most suitable certified provider for the recycling service they are looking for. Find out more about Redooo Australia at

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