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18. May 2022

Municipality needs partners

New information platform to pave the way

Since December 2021, the information platform “Klimaschutz Kommune” (in German) has been informing cities and municipalities about environmentally friendly and sustainable administration, management and living. The focus is on modern services of general interest as a cross-sectional task.

The website, initiated by REMONDIS Sustainable Services, accompanies municipalities on their way towards a sustainable environmental service branch and, above all, highlights the value of cooperation. Municipalities are faced with huge challenges that can hardly be overcome on their own.


Municipality and corporation – a happy relationship? The online magazine highlights the potential of public-private partnerships and presents real-life synergies. Experts from science and practice have their say, trends and best practices from the fields of services, energy, waste, transport and water are presented.

But not only employees from municipalities and their decision-makers will get their money’s worth. Why is waste separation worthwhile and how does biowaste become energy? Under the heading Citizens’ Information, residents will also find entertaining texts for a more environmentally conscious life. Knowledge about climate protection and sustainability is offered in the constantly growing reference work.


Another highlight: the interactive map of Germany features landmarks for cities and municipalities that have already been reported on. With each issue, more municipalities are added each month. But not only that. Cities and municipalities also receive facts and figures here about inhabitants, location and socio-economic conditions and can measure themselves against comparable municipalities in terms of size.


Then take a look at the new information platform right now and use it as a useful and confidence-building source of information in your daily exchange with your customers:


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