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9. July 2024

Clean air – clean island

Electric waste collection vehicles for Sylt: a step towards a clean and sustainable future

On 3 July 2024, Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft Nordfriesland mbH (AWNF) and REMONDIS GmbH & Co. KG, Region Nord, presented the latest additions to their fleet: four electric waste collection vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, model eEconic, equipped with state-of-the-art bodies – the VARIOPRESS from FAUN Group – and lifters from ZÖLLER-KIPPER GmbH. The vehicles will be used both on Sylt and on the mainland in Ahrenshöft.

This investment in alternative drive systems marks a major step forward in the implementation of the district’s sustainability strategy and the requirements of the Clean Vehicles Directive.

Michael Stürmann, Managing Director of AWNF, emphasises the importance of the new vehicles for the region: “With these state-of-the-art electric waste collection vehicles, we are not only implementing legal requirements, but also making an active contribution to environmental protection and improving the quality of life on Sylt. These vehicles are an essential part of our endeavours to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of waste management.”

District Administrator Florian Lorenzen, who is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AWNF, emphasises how this purchase fits into the wider sustainability strategy of the district of North Frisia: “Our investment in zero-emission technologies reflects the goals of our sustainability strategy, particularly with regard to promoting clean and energy-efficient municipal services. The use of these vehicles is a decisive step towards achieving our goal of climate neutrality.”

Ideal for everyday use on the island

The vehicles were delivered in the second quarter of 2024. They are equipped with advanced technology, including a high engine output of up to 400 kilowatts and a range of up to 250 kilometres per charge, making them ideal for daily use and predestined for the islands. Thanks to a grant from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, 80 per cent of the additional costs compared to conventional diesel vehicles were covered. The subsidy amounts to around one million euros, and the total price of the four vehicles is two million euros.

Three of the four new trucks will be stationed on Sylt and one truck at the Ahrenshöft waste management centre. Initial experience with the new vehicles has already been gained on the island over the past four weeks.

On a test drive (from left): Matthias Hartung, Managing Director of REMONDIS Region Nord, District Administrator Florian Lorenzen and driver Corneelis Frank

Jahwe Nielsen, Operations Manager at REMONDIS’ branch on Sylt, is particularly pleased about the added value for his drivers: “The significantly lower noise and vibration levels as well as the absence of exhaust fumes and heat have improved the quality of the working environment immensely and have quickly overcome any reservations and led to widespread acceptance among our colleagues. In addition to the ecological benefits, the purchase is also a significant step towards a better, sustainable quality of life on the island, which suffers disproportionately from traffic emissions during the season. We can thus make our contribution to a better environment and act in line with what we, as REMONDIS, are committed to – working for the future.”

Sascha Hähnke, Managing Director of REMONDIS Sustainable Services GmbH and responsible for alternative drive systems, emphasised the excellent collaboration between all parties involved: “The cooperation and constructive collaboration between the district administrator, AWFN, EVS and REMONDIS was an important prerequisite for the implementation of this project. What’s more, Sylt is almost ideal for the use of battery-powered collection vehicles. On the one hand, we have no topography and, on the other, driving distances that are almost tailor-made for the ranges of our electric lorries. Clean air – clean island!”

The vehicles have an engine output of up to 400 kilowatts and a range of up to 250 kilometres per charge

Image credits: © REMONDIS / Kreis Nordfriesland


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