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14. July 2019

Carbon neutral street-cleaning

Streetscooter electric van out and about on Lennestadt's roads

Zero-emissions waste collection

REMONDIS Olpe GmbH has been using a Streetscooter electric van to help keep Lennestadt clean since July. This zero-emissions vehicle is primarily being used for emptying the town’s litter bins, in particular those in the city centre and pedestrianised areas. This family-run business is once again spearheading development in this region, underlining REMONDIS’ mission – as one of the world’s largest recycling, services and water companies – to test out and deploy the most effective climate and resource-friendly solutions.

Battery range: 150 kilometres

“Having carried out a short and successful trial run, we decided to purchase one of these electric Streetscooters as a replacement for our standard diesel-run Sprinter,” explained Felix Maaßen, managing director of REMONDIS Olpe GmbH. “It is not only carbon neutral, it also has the advantage that it can be loaded up from the side,” he added. The Olpe branch team were not the only ones to be won over by the performance of this van whose battery lasts for around 150 kilometres. Theo Melcher, director of the district of Olpe and managing director of the waste management association ZAKO, was also impressed by the investment. During the official presentation of the vehicle in July, he commented: “I can only welcome any vehicle that has low emissions and is able to guarantee that the waste collection services can continue to be carried out safely and according to plan.”

“Having carried out a short and successful trial run, we decided to purchase one of these electric Streetscooters.”

Felix Maaßen, Managing Director of REMONDIS Olpe GmbH

Leading the way in the region

This collection van is the first to be used in the field of services offered by REMONDIS Olpe making the company a pioneer across the whole of the region. Besides focusing on electromobility, REMONDIS continues to keep a close eye on all other potential fuels, running its own pilot projects to find the cleanest and most resource-friendly alternative.

Director of the District of Olpe, Theo Melcher (left), and Managing Director Felix Maaßen are pleased to be able to offer carbon-neutral street-cleaning services

Image credits: REMONDIS


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