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10. February 2019

Keeping the water flowing

New waterworks in Groß Bäblin supplies around 5,500 local residents with quality drinking water

Officially commissioned in 2018

Wasserversorgungs- und Abwasserzweckverband Güstrow-Bützow-Sternberg, aka WAZ, and EURAWASSER Nord GmbH officially opened their new waterworks in Groß Bäbelin at the end of last year. Numerous guests attended the event to celebrate the successful completion of the water association’s Krakow am See concept.

A new central supply of water

This comprehensive concept has included the construction of a state-of-the-art plant for sourcing, transporting, processing and supplying high quality drinking water, a drinking water pipe network stretching eleven kilometres around the Krakower See [Krakow Lake] and the construction of a new drinking water tank with a pressure station – all of which will ensure that the area continues to have a reliable supply of top quality water. The Krakow am See and Groß Bäbelin waterworks, which had previously supplied the town of Krakow am See and 21 other villages with water, are to be shut down and dismantled as the approx. 5,500 local residents will now all get their drinking water from the new waterworks. WAZ and EURAWASSER’s decision to build this new plant had been in response to the deterioration in the quality of the raw water that was in danger of impacting on the quality of the drinking water.

Thinking of the future

“The Rathmann moorlands, residue from a garden centre and a landfill were having a negative effect on the quality of the water. Thanks to this new facility, local residents now have a safe supply of water that will last far into the future,” confirmed Katja Gödke, managing director of WAZ, and Robert Ristow, managing director of EURAWASSER.

The new waterworks will benefit both the local residents and the many tourists travelling to this popular holiday destination. “The number of tourists – and consequently the need for drinking water – is expected to continue to rise and this plant will be able to cover this increased demand in the future. The plant supplies the region with 1.2 million litres of drinking water every day,” explained Robert Ristow. As a REMONDIS Aqua subsidiary, both WAZ and EURAWASSER Nord focused on the environmental aspects when looking to guarantee the quality of the water. And this is the reason why the plant extracts and processes water from wells around 125 metres below ground as at this depth there is no risk of there being any harmful environmental factors.

An investment sum of 4.6 million euros

With the construction of the plant costing 4.6 million euros, this is the biggest single investment ever made by WAZ. Amid applause from the mayors, local residents and representatives from the construction firms, district administrator Sebastian Constien, the chairman of WAZ, Christian Grüschow, the managing director of WAZ, Katja Gödke, the managing director of EURAWASSER, Robert Ristow, head of the Krakow am See department, Wilfried Baldermann, and the mayor of Krakow am See, Wolfgang Geistert, together pushed the start button, officially putting the waterworks into operation.

(from left to right) Mayor Wilfried Baldermann, District Administrator Sebastian Constien, Robert Ristow (EURAWASSER), Mayor Wolfgang Geistert, Katja Gödke and Christian Grüschow (both WAZ) officially putting the waterworks into operation

Image credits: image 1, 2: © REMONDIS


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