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15. March 2021

Safeguarding water supplies in the north east

EURAWASSER Nord realizes two projects for WAZ

Helping to secure high quality drinking water

The Wasserversorgungs- und Abwasserzweckverband Güstrow-Bützow-Sternberg (WAZ) water association recently commissioned EURAWASSER Nord to carry out two projects to safeguard the long-term supply of high quality drinking water in Mecklenburg. The first one – to reorganise water supply in the Kloster Tempzin district – has now been completed and the second project – to build a new clean water storage tank at the Laage Waterworks – is well underway.

Kloster Tempzin connected to the Kuhlen group water supply

WAZ had previously operated its own waterworks in Zahrensdorf to supply five areas of the Kloster Tempzin district (in the administrative district of Ludwigslust-Parchim) with drinking water. However, increasing levels of chloride were detected in the water recently. Caused by natural processes, the concentration levels were slowly creeping up towards the statutory limits. WAZ decided, therefore, to take action and connect the areas affected (namely Zahrensdorf, Tempzin, Langen Jarchow, Klein Jarchow and Häven) to the Kuhlen group water supply.

Well experienced in such work, REMONDIS’ subsidiary EURAWASSER Nord set about realising this plan. As the new pipes had to pass through the Schwerin Lake District, a designated EU ‘Important Bird Area’, the work was performed in line with all environmental and conservation regulations to ensure that the animals living there had all the protection they needed.

“The decommissioning of the Zahrensdorf Waterworks is one part of the water association’s strategic drinking water concept, which was developed together with EURAWASSER Nord and was agreed on in 2019.”

Katja Gödke, Managing Director of the Association of Administrations (WAZ)

Completed in just three months

The 4,600m drinking water pipe was successfully laid between Kuhlen and Klein Jarchow (via Holdorf) in just three months according to schedule. Most of the pipe was able to be installed using horizontal directional boring – a modern, minimal impact trenchless method of laying pipes. The result: with the network having been successfully rerouted, the areas previously supplied by the Zahrensdorf Waterworks now receive drinking water that is of an even better quality than before. Keeping the same water hardness, it has not only been possible to increase water pressure but also to reduce chloride levels by 90%. In the meantime, the decommissioned Zahrensdorf Waterworks and the wells connected to it have all been dismantled.

The building of a new clean water storage tank at Laage Waterworks is helping to secure water supplies in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

A new clean water storage tank for Laage Waterworks

At the same time, EURAWASSER Nord has been doing the necessary planning work to build a new 500m³ clean water storage tank at Laage Waterworks. This plant supplies water to around 6,000 local inhabitants living in twenty villages and towns in the administrative district of Rostock as well as to the many commercial and industrial businesses located there.

The new tank will replace the single chamber tank that had been installed in 1980 and needed to undergo repair work. The existing plant is also to be expanded. A 300m² extension is to be built, equipped with the relevant technology and then connected to the current facility. At the same time, 146 metres of underground supply and discharge pipes, 104 metres of gravity wastewater pipes (including the shafts) and the bordering street lights are to be replaced. This work is due to be completed by August 2021.

Less renovation work required

“The decommissioning of the Zahrensdorf Waterworks is one part of the water association’s strategic drinking water concept, which was developed together with EURAWASSER Nord and was agreed on in 2019. A further nine waterworks are to be decommissioned and their water supply network rerouted by 2024. The long-term goal here is to save money by not having to carry out costly renovation work – which will also benefit our customers,” explained Katja Gödke, managing director of the association of administrations (WAZ).

Image credits: image 1: © REMONDIS; image 2: © Tom und Lia Fotografie; image 3: © REMONDIS; image 4: Adobe Stock: 48069423, creator: tournee


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