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15. December 2019

Successful integration!

Former refugee from Ukraine completes his apprenticeship top of his class

Great exam results for this future talent

EURAWASSER Nord GmbH in Güstrow can be just as proud of themselves as well. 33-year-old Anton Melnyk completed his apprenticeship to become a pipe fitter this summer with a remarkable grade even though he had to face some unusual conditions.

“You had set yourself the goal of becoming a pipe fitter and you completed your apprenticeship with exceptionally good results. At the same time, you’ve created the best possible springboard for your future career,” said Klaus-Jürgen Strupp, President of the Rostock Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), as he praised Anton Melnyk, who had been awarded 92 points and the grade “very good” at the end of his apprenticeship at EURAWASSER. Having achieved the best exam results of all the pipe fitter apprentices enrolled at the IHK, he was invited to attend a special ceremony held in Rostock’s St. Nicholas Church on 23 October 2019.

In Germany for just five years

The president of the IHK was particularly impressed with this achievement because Anton Melnyk had come to Germany as a refugee from Ukraine just a few years ago, in November 2014 to be precise. Even though he did not receive a long-term residence permit, he did what he could to find out about the various apprenticeship and training courses on offer – and took part in a careers open day held by EURAWASSER Nord. He then sailed through the application process and began his apprenticeship to become a pipe fitter in August 2016. As he did not have a valid residence permit at the time, EURAWASSER applied to the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (federal employment agency) for him to get an apprenticeship permit. Despite having been given this apprenticeship permit, Anton received a deportation notice in October 2016. With the help of district administrator Sebastian Constien, a specialist lawyer and the support of EURAWASSER Nord, he succeeded in extending his stay in the country so that he could complete his apprenticeship.

“Mr Melnyk was able to get the support he needed thanks to the close collaboration work between the Rostock district authorities and EURAWASSER. Such work is really important, especially with the current skills shortages. This is a great example of successful integration.”

District Administrator Sebastian Constien

Taken on as a salaried employee

His excellent performance – both in the theoretical and practical parts of the course – has resulted in him being offered a permanent position at the company. Anton, however, is still waiting to hear from the immigration office. The company is doing everything in its power to help this talented young man get an open-ended residence permit.

Anton Melnyk (2nd from right) received a prize for his excellent apprenticeship results from Berit Heintz, Head of the Training and Apprenticeship Department at the IHK Rostock (left), and Mr Klaus-Jürgen Strupp, President of the IHK Rostock (right), during a special awards ceremony

Image credits: image 1: Shutterstock: ancroft; image 2: REMONDIS


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