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15. December 2020

Billerbeck neighborhood supports eco-friendly refuse collection

Dreitelkamp housing estate in Billerbeck backs REMONDIS’ „Come over here!“ campaign

Attention drawn by a slogan on the side of a lorry

At the beginning of the year, Nicola Hillebrandt noticed a slogan written on the side of one of REMONDIS’ refuse collection trucks. The mother of two young boys, it is a must to stand at the window every week – as soon as the truck can be heard – to watch the bins being emptied. REMONDIS had just had a new advertising slogan printed on the side of their vehicle to encourage local residents to place their bins next to each other on one side of the street and so make the collection process more environmentally friendly.

The whole neighbourhood has joined in

“What a simple but brilliant idea. It makes absolute sense to do this in our neighbourhood. The trucks don’t need to drive up and down the road twice, do three-point turns or keep stopping and starting as they travel from one bin to the next. And so I decided to get in touch with REMONDIS and they sent me the flyer for their “Come over here!” [Komm doch mal rüber!] campaign,” explained Nicola Hillebrandt. She discussed the project with her neighbours and within no time at all they set about implementing the “Come over here!” campaign.

“What a simple but brilliant idea.”

Nicola Hillebrandt from Billerbeck

A small contribution making a big impact

“The reaction has been great. Everyone puts their bin on one side of the street so they are all lined up one next to the other. REMONDIS’ drivers are able to empty the bins without having to manoeuvre their vehicles round tight corners or travel up and down the same road twice,” said Rita Robert, who also lives on the estate. We would like to encourage other neighbourhoods to join in this campaign. Simply talk to your neighbours and place two same-coloured bins in pairs next to each other, i.e. a yellow bin next to a yellow bin and a brown bin next to a brown bin. A small gesture – but one that really helps to make refuse collection services more environmentally friendly.

Image credits: image 1–2: © REMONDIS


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