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15. August 2020

Donating cups to help others

REMONDIS and THW Kiel raise money for local children

Working together for a good cause

REMONDIS’ North Region company recently joined forces with THW Kiel, the current German handball champions, to help tackle child poverty. Together, they donated 6,500 euros to ‘inka’ – an association based in Kiel set up to support children affected by poverty. It offers, for example, weekly music, sport and dancing lessons for children from poverty stricken families in Kiel. With THW Kiel having introduced reusable cups and a deposit return scheme into its club, fans now pay a deposit each time they buy a drink during a match. THW fans were asked recently to donate their cups rather than claim back their deposit – resulting in 3,000 euros being raised for the ‘inka’ project over the last five matches. REMONDIS and THW Kiel added a further 3,500 euros to the sum.

Mayor Dr Ulf Kämpfer and Ralph Müller-Beck, Head of Municipal Sales REMONDIS North, have joined forces with THW Kiel to help children

Help is needed from the public

Mayor Dr Ulf Kämpfer, patron of the “inka” association, praised THW Kiel and REMONDIS’ commitment to this cause: “Unfortunately, child poverty in Kiel affects more than just a few children. Every one in three children in Kiel is poor. Besides all the activities that the council are undertaking to tackle child poverty, we also need help from our local citizens – whether it be donations or voluntary work. The support that the handball fans, THW Kiel and REMONDIS have shown with their inka campaign is an excellent example of such local commitment.”

“Children’s well-being is something that lies very close to our heart. What’s more we have very close ties to the City of Kiel having provided services to the council for so many years.”

Ralph Müller-Beck, Head of Municipal Sales REMONDIS North

REMONDIS wishes to raise more money

Ralph Müller-Beck, head of municipal sales at REMONDIS North, explained the company’s motives behind the campaign: “Children’s well-being is something that lies very close to our heart. What’s more we have very close ties to the City of Kiel having provided services to the council for so many years. We are, therefore, not only helping to keep the environment clean but also to reduce child poverty in Kiel. It has been a pleasure supporting this fundraising campaign. We have also advertised it on the side of one of our vehicles to encourage other people in Kiel to join in and donate as well.”

Donation much appreciated

“Children from poverty-stricken households need all the help they can get – especially during this coronavirus year,” stressed Jürgen Penske, chairman of inka. “We’re really pleased as well that this fundraising campaign has helped to make more people aware of inka and its goals – every handball match was sold out.”

Music, sport, theatre and dance are all really important for a child’s personal development. Unfortunately, not all families in Kiel can afford these out-of-school activities. 9,000 children in Kiel live in poverty. inka wishes to give these children access to such opportunities as well. THW Kiel and REMONDIS intend to continue their cup donation campaign as soon as the next handball season starts.

Image credits: image 1: Adobe Stock: 318393006, creator: Pixel-Shot, image 2–3: © REMONDIS, creator: Torsten Meyer-Bogya


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