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23. December 2021

A special honor

The board of BIR's ferrous division appoints Denis Reuter as its new Divisional President

TSR delighted with the appointment

Based in the German town of Lünen, TSR Recycling GmbH & Co. KG is a European business trading in and recycling metal scrap with over 160 business locations – the majority of which can be found in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Poland. The company provides services for the metal-processing trade, large industrial customers and local authorities. Handling a good 7.5 million tonnes of material, TSR is a comparatively small player on the global ferrous and non-ferrous metal market, which involves in total around 1,600 million tonnes of metals. Which was why the company was all the more delighted that Denis Reuter has been given such a special honour.

BIR President Tom Bird is confident

Mr Reuter’s appointment was recommended to the Division’s board by the Division’s nomination committee. As President of the Ferrous Division, Mr Reuter is a member of BIR’s Executive Committee and, as a result, Vice President of the organisation. BIR President Tom Bird commented on Mr Reuter’s appointment, saying: “I am delighted to welcome Denis to the BIR Executive Committee, and I am certain that he will greatly contribute to BIR’s roadmap for the years to come. Having worked with him on the Ferrous board, I am confident that he will prove to be a great asset.” Mr Bird also thanked Gregory Schnitzer from Sims Metal Management for his excellent services as President of BIR’s ferrous metal division and for the ongoing support he gave BIR during the past difficult period.

A few facts & figures

BIR was founded in 1948 and was the first association to represent the interests of the recycling industry at international level. Today, BIR represents around 700 member companies from the private sector and 39 national associations in more than 70 countries across all continents. Together, the members make up the largest international recycling association.
BIR comprises four commodity divisions (Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Metals, Paper and Textiles) and has four commodity committees that focus on stainless steel and special alloys, plastics, tyres and rubber, and e-scrap. The association offers its members a dynamic forum, where they can exchange expertise and experiences. It acts as a platform for building up successful business relationships and promoting recycling among politicians and other industrial sectors.

About Denis Reuter

Denis Reuter is a managing director at TSR Recycling, a long-standing member of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) and has been a member of the board of BIR’s ferrous division since 2019. He joined TSR in 2010 and today he is responsible for the whole of the Group’s ferrous and non-ferrous metal trading activities.

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