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15. March 2020

Choose France held for the third time

Ludger Rethmann at the summit hosted by President Macron in Versailles

Discussions between politicians and business leaders

The Choose France Summit was held in Versailles in January for the third time to showcase France’s economic appeal and encourage foreign businesses to invest in the country. President Macron and Prime Minister Philippe invited numerous foreign companies to attend the event including the RETHMANN Group, which was represented by its board member, Ludger Rethmann.

RETHMANN’s shareholding in Transdev

A very special honour had been bestowed on Ludger Rethmann at the end of 2018 when he was presented with the Légion d’Honneur at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Paris, the only German national to join the group on that day. The RETHMANN Group acquired a 34% share in Transdev, the international leader for mobility solutions, at the beginning of 2019. Its French partner here is the French Caisse des Dépôts, which is answerable to the French Parliament.

Proud of the strong collaboration work

The company is particularly proud of the excellent collaboration work between the boards of directors – a great example of a French-German partnership. The RETHMANN Group currently employs just under 40,000 people in France, including those working for the Transdev Group. REMONDIS, SARIA and RHENUS are all enjoying growth in the country as can be seen, for example, by its acquisition of shares in Semardel.

Image credits: image 1: Adobe Stock: 140963223, creator: ThomasLENNE, image 1: Adobe Stock: 127516383, creator: fpic


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