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27. April 2022

Bübchen and REMONDIS cooperate in the recycling of packaging

PLANOLEN HD natur replaces virgin material in HDPE bottle bodies

Bübchen and REMONDIS have entered into a cooperation agreement for the recycling and reuse of recycled plastics.

Bübchen packaging is licensed from REMONDIS’ subsidiary EKO-PUNKT. REMONDIS collects this and other packaging via the yellow, recycling bins and yellow sacks. The old packaging is then sorted according to material type and also colour and finally the PE packaging is recycled into HDPE recyclate by RE Plano GmbH, REMONDIS’ specialist for processing polyolefins.

Bübchen makes the highest demands on the use of this type of PCR material (post-consumer recycled); not only the quality of the products is crucial, but also the packaging that comes into contact with them. Thus, in 2021, intensive tests were carried out to determine whether and which recyclates could be used for certain product classes in order to replace 100 percent of the virgin material used until then. Since 1 January 2022, all Bübchen bottle bodies have been made from “PLANOLEN HD natur”, a 100% post-consumer HDPE recyclate from RE Plano.

Image credits: image 1: © Bübchen


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