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8. April 2022

Strenghten its foothold in the Nordic region

New operations and staff integrated into REMONDIS Sweden

The acquisition of Veolia Recycling Solutions Nordic AB in Sweden closed on 16 December 2021. The addition of 65 sites in Sweden and a large number of new colleagues to the company means that customers in Scandinavia will enjoy a broader portfolio of services ranging from collecting, processing and marketing recycled raw materials to industrial cleaning. The deal allows REMONDIS to strengthen its foothold in the Nordic region, particularly in Sweden. The integration is making good progress, with teams from both sides already working together closely.

REMONDIS’s Swedish team is already exchanging experience with numerous group departments and entities in areas including electronics recycling, plant engineering, truck and bin procurement, biofuels and plastics with the Region North in Kiel, Germany. Staff in Sweden have also forged connections with their counterparts at REMONDIS German subsidiary TSR Hamburg, with representatives from both companies visiting each other’s scrap yards to discuss ways to analyse inbound refuse streams and maximise recycling quantity and quality.

These new capabilities in Sweden, REMONDIS’s existing activities in Denmark and partnership with the Northern region in Kiel are helping to make northern Europe the place where more and more recycled raw materials are traded on the Kiel – Gothenburg – Malmö – Copenhagen – Hamburg route

Image credits: image 1-2: © REMONDIS


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