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12. October 2022

Solutions for sustainable change in urban living spaces

REMONDIS Forum in Hamburg: Guests from the worlds of politics, science and business discuss the opportunities and possibilities of sustainable transformation

Under the motto “Sustainable transformation – opportunities and possibilities for urban living spaces”, REMONDIS invited guests from the worlds of politics, science and business to the 15th REMONDIS Forum in the former main customs office in Hamburg on 22 September 2022.

This year’s forum was dedicated to the sustainable transformation of living spaces to create a healthy and climate-neutral urbanity. Questions that were discussed: How can mobility be rethought and can cities simultaneously serve as solution laboratories for innovative approaches? Where does our society stand on the issue of sustainability and how can changes be brought about?

Moderated by the TV journalist and graduate physicist Ms Kristina zur Mühlen, the participants took a look at the sustainable transformation.

In addition to Mr Robert Ristow, Managing Director of REMONDIS, the current Senator for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture, Jens Kerstan, also welcomed the guests to the historic former main customs office in the Hanseatic City. Top-class speakers guided the guests through an interesting and varied programme of lectures. For example, Prof. Dr. Stephan A. Jansen, political consultant, Managing Director of the Society for Urban Mobility and author, took the audience on an entertaining journey on how we can reinvent our mobility for urban living spaces.

Prof. Dr Stephan A. Jansen used various examples to show how we can creatively develop our mobility in urban living spaces

Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, emphasised the great importance of sustainability and climate neutrality in the policies of the Hanseatic metropolis.

From climate-neutral building to progressive province

Ingo Hannemann, Managing Director of HAMBURG WASSER, showed what the path of a public infrastructure company to consistent CO2 savings can look like and what opportunities this path offers. Anke Meyer-Grashorn, expert for innovation and shaping the future, then spoke about innovative business. Her credo: “Spinning is compulsory! Think big and create something new.”

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Lenz, visionary architect and professor for energy-optimised planning and building, took a closer look at the topic of climate-neutral building and presented visions of a CO2-neutral city. Futurologist Tristan Horx then took the audience out of the city and presented his thoughts and studies on the “progressive province”. Finally, the lecture by Tina Teucher, an expert on sustainable business, dealt with new business models and how they can secure the future viability of companies.

Alternative drives and digital solutions

During the breaks, the guests had the opportunity to learn about alternative drives for vehicles in public services and about innovations from the group of companies. In addition to the electrically powered waste collection vehicle from the public-private partnership with the City of Bremerhaven, BEG, the group’s innovation centre based in Hamburg was also on site. REMONDIS Digital Services presented Datafleet, an AI-based system that enables the detection and targeted rectification of defects in the road environment.

…Berlin, Oberhausen, Schwerin, Hamburg…

The forum was held for the 15th time, in the past among others in the federal capital Berlin, in Oberhausen and the state capital Schwerin. This year, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg served as the venue for the first time.

REMONDIS and its sister companies have been active within the Hanseatic metropolis for many decades. This includes, among other things, public-private partnerships, recycling activities, such as one of the most modern PET processing plants in Europe.

From left: Anke Meyer-Grashorn (expert for innovation and shaping the future), Prof. Dr. Stephan A. Jansen (political consultant, Managing Director of the Society for Urban Mobility, author), moderator Kristina zur Mühlen, Tina Teucher (expert for sustainable business) and Robert Ristow (Managing Director of REMONDIS)

Image credits: © REMONDIS


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