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3. January 2022

REKS: Joint venture with a future

How K+S and REMEX are working together

REMEX GmbH has contributed its expertise in disposal in underground facilities to a new company: REKS GmbH & Co. KG. Since December 2021, K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH and REMEX GmbH have held equal shares and equal rights in the joint venture.

In the course of the joint venture, REMEX spun off its wholly owned subsidiary AUREC, which processes mineral waste for backfilling at the K+S plant in Bernburg, into REKS. The department for the distribution of inorganic hazardous waste is now also part of REKS. The joint ventures headquarters are located in Düsseldorf and it has an additional operating site in Kassel.

The objective of REKS is the distribution of waste for underground reutilisation or dumping, the covering of potash tailings piles as well as the marketing of material flows from the REKAL plant in Sigmundshall. This is combined with efficient access to the disposal facilities of K+S, including two underground landfills and five underground backfill plants in Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, Thuringia and Lower Saxony.

The cooperation between K+S and REMEX also opens up extensive opportunities for REKS in the acquisition of materials needed to cover large tailings piles at the German potash sites. In order to avoid the tailings pile water caused by precipitation, the tailings piles are to be completely covered in the future in a suitable manner and by applying new, environmentally friendly processes.

“With the new joint venture REKS, the operation and unique infrastructures of the underground disposal facilities of K+S will be combined with an efficient and experienced distribution network of REMEX.”

Michael Stoll, Managing Director REMEX GmbH

Image credits: image 1 and graphics 1: © REKS


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